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    Peyton Real Estate

    Peyton, CO Homes & Real Estate For Sale

    Tired of the big city? Looking for an escape? Peyton, CO may be right for you. First settled in the 1880s and 1890s, this tiny town has recently seen a lot more development, thanks to its location about 30 miles northeast of Colorado Springs. Learn more about Peyton and explore our Peyton, Colorado homes for sale below.

    What You Should Know About Peyton, CO

    Peyton, CO is a great place to live if you’re not interested in a suburban or urban lifestyle. The homes are quiet, peaceful, and usually are situated on relatively large plots. Peyton, Colorado homes have an average plot size of 16 acres. This makes it great for people who want lots of space for their family to spread out and enjoy the great outdoors.

    Downtown Peyton, CO is also a major attraction. As mentioned, Peyton was founded in the 1880s and 1890s, and many of the old buildings first constructed when the Rock Island Railroad was built are still intact. In downtown Petyon, you’ll find historic architecture, quirky shops, one-of-a-kind restaurants, and plenty of services like a USPS office.

    Highway 24 is the main connector between Peyton and Colorado Springs. The commute time is about 40 minutes with light traffic, so many people choose to live in Peyton, CO and work in Colorado Springs.

    For education, the Peyton, CO area is served by the aptly-named Peyton School District. Its three schools serve over 600 students from Pre-K through Grade 12, and this school district is well-regarded for the quality of its education.

    Live A Relaxed & Rural Lifestyle In Peyton, CO

    Peyton, CO has a lot of different homes for sale. Whether you need an affordable single-family home with a small plot of land, or you want a larger ranch with room to keep animals like horses, chickens and more, you’ll find it all here!

    With its wide-open scenic views, relaxed lifestyle, and rural character, Peyton, CO is a fantastic choice if you want to escape city life – but remain a short drive from Colorado Springs for commuting, recreation, and other such opportunities.

    Find An Agent That Can Help You Navigate Peyton, CO Real Estate

    Need to find Peyton, Colorado homes for sale? Dream Big Home Team is here to help. Peyton, CO is a great place to call “home,” and we can help you and your family find the right home in this cozy, tight-knit community. Contact us now to get started.